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Hydraulic lubricant

DNS  AW 32 dầu thủy lực chống mài mòn

Product's name

DNS AW 32 Hydraulic Oil

Chất lượng

Quality base oil and anti-wear additives from Germany.


Uses for hydraulic system.


Denison Hydraulics HF-0, Din 51524 Part I, II, MIL-H-176720, HL, HM.


18-liter bucket, 200-liter drum


Liên hệ

High quality anti-wear hydraulic oil DNS AW 32 is designed for use in stationary and high-pressure hydraulic systems in industry and frequent operations. Manufactured from selected refined mineral oils and additives to enhance unique features. Used for plastic injection machines and tools that use hydraulic systems. Circulating hydraulic systems. Industrial hydraulic systems operate frequently. Hydraulic equipment of road and bridge construction machines.